August 22 – 24, 2019
McCormick Place, Chicago IL
Show Hours
Thurs - Fri: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Map & Directions
McCormick Place Convention Center
2301 South King Dr
Chicago, IL 60616
Why Should You Attend an Orgill Dealer Market?
There’s plenty to see and do at Orgill Dealer Markets. Here’s just a few reasons why you should be there!
Finding the Deals
At an Orgill Dealer Market, you’ll discover prices and deals you won’t receive any other time of the year. There are plenty of promotional areas to visit, including Coupons, New Items, Market Busters, the Flash Market and more. Find discounts on products new to the warehouse, or get low, low pricing on closeout items. These prices will help you compete with the boxes and increase your margins. Walk through these promotional areas and find the products you’d like to add to your inventory—and discover ways to increase your overall profitability, too.
Discover Your Next Best-Selling Product
Dealer Markets offer the perfect opportunity to see the latest and greatest new products in the industry. Maybe a new product is an item that fills a need, or perhaps it’s one that uses the newest technology available. Either way, your customers are going to be interested. So take some time at the show to discover what’s new. You’ll be able to see items up close and try them out, all while taking advantage of great Market-only pricing!
Working With Vendors
Take time to visit with your regular vendors and also meet with some new ones. In addition to looking at new products, you can build relationships, as well as learn from them about the different industry trends. There’s plenty to discover, all on the Market floor.
The Next Great Idea
Want to find some new merchandising and inventory selection ideas, all in a real-life setting? Be sure to visit Orgill’s two brand-new, full-size concept stores on the market floor. Community Building Supply is a 5,000-square-foot store that focuses on the pro customer and will showcase a full selection of tool rental products. Four Seasons Hardware will cover 31,000 square feet and will include 12 different niche categories, offering the perfect opportunity for retailers looking to add a new niche to their store to get some great ideas.
Exploring Product Categories
At each Dealer Market, Orgill highlights the breadth of product it offers across categories with a selection of Product Showcases. In Orlando, there will be a number of categories highlighted, including the always-popular impulse category and core categories such as plumbing. These showcases offer not only suggestions of product you need in those areas, but innovative ways to merchandise those items in your store. Take a walk through these showcases to not only find ideas, but to purchase product at a discount, which can enhance your bottom line.
Building and Marketing Your Brand
Your business is an independent one, with its own brand. Orgill understands that, and its Brand Building department works to help you implement the marketing strategies you need to promote that brand. It offers a number of marketing programs, including the proprietary BrandBase platform. At the Dealer Market, come by the Brand Building booth in the Retail Services area to learn more about the different options available to you for in-store promotional materials, print or electronic advertising and social media usage. Furthermore, find out about Orgill’s new eCommerce programs and how you can grow that area of your business.
Update the Look of Your Store
Whether you want to update a few categories or reset your store completely, the steps you’ll need to take to achieve your goal may seem complex. The Dealer Market is the perfect place to explore that process. Find out about the resources available to you, including Orgill’s proprietary Market Driven Retailing study; the Hardware 101 program, which can help you determine missing categories or products; or even the conversion process to update a current store or the New Store Program to build a new store from the ground up.
Learning About Services, Finding Solutions
Orgill knows every retailer is different, so its hundreds of retail services are offered on an à la carte basis. You pick and choose which options are best for you and your location. The Retail Services area of the show includes booths staffed by professionals who work daily with retailers on these different programs and services. Take a walk through this area so you can learn about the wide range of solutions available to you.
Seeing Old Friends; Making New Ones
Independent home improvement retailers from more than 60 countries around the world gather twice a year for the Orgill Dealer Market. This gives those retailers a networking opportunity unlike any other as they gather to talk about trends, best practices and various business strategies. Make sure to check in with some old friends and also take this opportunity to connect with those you haven’t met before—you might help each other find some solutions for each of your businesses.
Bringing New Lessons Back to Your Business
To continue to improve your business, it’s important to continue to learn. The Orgill Dealer Markets offer educational opportunities in the form of clinics and workshops that cover advertising, social media, e-commerce, financial metrics and more. Learn about the latest industry trends and updates, including detailed information about Orgill’s variety of retail services. These clinics and workshops also offer the perfect opportunity to network with other retailers interested in learning about the same topics.